Sponsored Video: Ireland topping “Passion meter” at Euro 2012

Updated: June 20, 2012

Ireland may have finished bottom of their group in Euro 2012 without any points and with just one goal to their name, but there is one table that Ireland are runaways winners in this summer. The McDonalds passion meter.

While the Ireland team may not have given the thousands of Ireland supporters who made the trip east to cheer the boys in green on much to cheer about during the group stages of Euro 2012, according to the fast food giants the Irish support in Poland and Ukraine have been the best in the competition so far. In a poll of 16 countries at the European Championship the Irish support is the best by a long way.

The Green army, who have earned rave reviews throughout Europe for their passionate, vocal support of their team lead the way in the passion stakes with Sweden a distant second with Russia a close third.

Despite having lots to cheer about on the pitch it would appear that the French, German, Spanish, English and Italian supporters like to keep their passion and emotion to themselves as they all bring up the rear in the passion stakes with the French polled in last place.

To show your support for your country, or indeed any country involved in Euro 2012 all you have to do is go to www.passionmeter.com and show your support in as passionate way as you can.

The website, sponsored by McDonalds also has a mobile app, which can be downloaded so you can show your passion for country on the go too.

“Sponsored by McDonalds”

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