Derry manager unlikely to commit

Updated: June 21, 2012

Derry manager John Brennan admits this could be his last championship in charge of the Oak Leaf County as his two year term comes to an end.

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Derry’s heavy defeat to Donegal in last week’s Ulster championship was a major blow to his and the teams Ulster title aspirations and now they face a daunting away trip to Longford in the All-Ireland qualifiers.

Speaking to the Derry Post Brennan was asked if he was interested in staying beyond his two-year term, Brennan said: “I don’t know, I thought I was on the right track to be honest and that is the most disappointing aspect of it.

“There is a group of players there introduced from the under-21s and there are still players there from the last nine or ten years, but if you take out Chrissy McKeigue, our full back line, Barry McGoldrick, Mark Lynch three or four others out of that, we didn’t feature.”

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