Gavin Noble well on the road to recovery

Updated: July 12, 2012

Enniskillen’s Gavin Noble is on his way back from injury and expects to be fully recovered in time for London 2012. Gavin suffered a fractured shin back in May and has missed part of his scheduled training for the past two months though it is possible that he – and Aileen Morrison – may make their final pre-Olympic appearance of the season during the Hamburg ITU World Series event on the 21st and 22nd of July.

Triathlon Ireland’s head cycling coach Tommy Evans feels Noble is back on track and nearing full fitness.

Evans said: “Gavin’s in the best cycling shape I’ve ever seen him. There is a strong bike group that go out on a Tuesday and the routes are tough to build strength.

“He’s got professional triathlete Bryan Keane as a training partner and he’s back running and swimming hard in the UL pool.”

Noble and Aileen Morrison are putting in the hard yards with just weeks to go until they line up in Hyde Park on August 4 and 7 for the Games.

Morrison is training at high altitude in Sierra Nevada in Spain with training partners Conor Murphy (Elite triathlete), Noel Collins (TI Development Athlete), Niamh O’Sullivan (TI Development Athlete) Caroline Ryan (Elite Cyclist) and David O’Loughlin (Elite Cyclist).

She moved to the Spanish training camp just days after her 14th place finish in the Kitzbuhel World Triathlon Series on June 23.

The facility which was used by the Triathlon Ireland squad at the start of the season back in January has impressed Performance Director Chris Jones.

Jones said: “The facility is a hive of activity with a host of South American nations using it for their final Olympic preparations. A state-of-the-art 50m pool with underwater viewing area allows us to video the athletes and analysis technique.

“There is also some amazing biking and running routes which include a 31 kilometre cycle from the city of Granada up to Sierra Nevada at 2350 meters above sea level and a 10 kilometre run from Sierra Nevada up to the military base at over 2500 meters.”

The Sierra Nevada training camp is the perfect location for ‘sleeping high, training low’. The athletes put in the tough training in the surrounding area while getting the performance enhancing benefits of sleeping at altitude.

Physiologist Declan Gamble has been keeping a close eye on Morrison’s reaction to the training load using an i-STAT machine, analysing all the key blood markers to ensure Morrison stays fit and healthy and doesn’t suffer from overtraining.

Along with Gamble there is a world class support team including Deidre Burrell (Physiotherapist) and Martina McCarthy (Strength & Conditioning).

Closer to home Noble is following the same principle in the altitude house in Limerick.

The facility is monitored allowing athletes to alter the altitude at which they sleep to get the optimal performance benefits. Noble is currently living happily at 2700 meters.

Both Morrison and Noble will continue their training at altitude with the option of having a final hit out over the sprint distance at the Hamburg ITU World Series race on July 21-22.

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