F1: Playing the Facts & Figures in Hungary

Updated: July 26, 2012

I love Martin Brundle, a superb pundit who talks so much sense and often speaks his mind. That’s a rare quality amongst commentators in a world where diplomacy and politically correctness is a requisite. What’s more, as spending his entire life living in Norfolk demonstrates, he has fantastic sense of humour.

As Fernando Alonso ploughed through his teammate’s wing at the start of lap 2 in Germany Martin did his best to express, or maybe not express, his view that stewarding is showing the consistency of melted butter. He pointed out more than once that it was a smaller piece of debris which led to the Safety Car being rolled out in Valencia a few weeks beforehand.

For the record three cars traded odds-on in-running at Hockenheim but, once again, Alonso did a superb job dictating the pace from the front. Amazingly he was available to back at 6/1 at one point during the race. Irksomely he was never in front by a margin more than his ultimate 3.7secs winning margin until the final lap. For the most part his lead hovered between one and two seconds.

Of course the record books will show a winning margin of 6.9secs following the penalty dished out to Sebastian Vettel but bookmakers rules state that betting markets are settled on the result as it stands at the time of the podium presentations.

Anyway, we are half way through the season apparently so reports, facts and figures.

Half term school report (part 1):

Fernando Alonso: Has it all – apart from the leotard and the letter S on his vest.
Narain Karthikeyan: Glaciers move quicker.
Felipe Massa: Clearly believes humiliation is only a state of mind.
Kamui Kobayashi: Clean, fair and deserves to podium this year.
Daniel Ricciardo: Like the guy sent out to see who is at the door in Alien.
Michael Schumacher: Hapless not hopeless.
Bruno Senna: If this were Star Trek he’d be wearing a red t-shirt.
Pastor Maldermaniac: Fast but track-craft has more holes in it than a stringed vest.


This year’s winning margins look like this:

Australia: 2.1sec
Malaysia: 2.2sec
China: 20sec
Bahrain: 3.3sec
Barcelona: 3.2sec
Monaco: 0.6sec
Canada: 2.5sec
Valencia 6.4sec
GB: 3.0sec
Germany: 3.7sec

Mathematicians would discard the extremes when analysing such figures therein we too should ditch China’s 20secs and Monaco’s 0.6sec winning margins. Joining the remaining dots we are left with a blatantly obvious picture that this weekend’s race should be won by less than a six second margin.

This year’s finishers/classified numbers are:

Australia: 16
Malaysia: 22
China: 23
Bahrain: 22
Barcelona: 19
Monaco: 16
Canada: 20
Valencia: 19
GB: 21
Germany: 23

With fine weather forecast and reliability improving, inevitable as the season progresses, a high number of finishers is an obvious buy.

Finally, this season’s fastest laps:

Australia: Button
Malaysia: Raikkonen
China: Kobayashi
Bahrain: Vettel
Barcelona: Grosjean
Monaco : Perez
Canada: Vettel
Valencia: Rosberg
GB: Raikkonen
Germany: Schumacher

Remarkably there’s not a Ferrari in sight – sorry not seeing the world through Alice’s looking glass I mean Alonso’s Ferrari – and only one McLaren is on show. Yet both Mercedes and both Saubers are listed and both are on offer at big prices for this particular accolade this weekend.

This week’s selections:

Winning Margin: Under 5.999secs 3/4 160 points Bwin
Fastest Lap, Perez 20/1 15 points Paddy Power
Fastest Lap, Kobayashi 28/1 12 points Bet365
Fastest Lap, Grosjean 8/1 25 points Bet365/SkyBet/Stan James
Fastest Lap, Rosberg 20/1 15 points 888/BlueSq
Fastest Lap, Schumacher 20/1 15 points 888/BlueSq
Total Classified Drivers: 20+ 5/6 120 points Paddy Power

This week’s investment: 362 points
Current profit/loss: -166 points.

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