Des Lynam: Female Olympics commentators are grating

Updated: August 11, 2012
Des Lynam

Former Match of the Day presenter Des Lynam has used his column in the Daily Telegraph to give his considered opnion on the quality of the BBC’s coverage of the 2012 Olympics – great, but not enough Gary Lineker, oh and the female voice is too ‘grating’ for commentary.

In the second paragraph of his column ‘London 2012 Olympics: unbelievable effort from the BBC but where was Gary Lineker?’ he writes: “There are quibbles of course. For example I have come to the conclusion that while female presenters have done a fine job, the female voice is not so attractive for actual commentating and in some cases became grating.”

The rest of the column bemoans Lineker’s lowly stead as “second fiddle” outside of the studio and offers praise for Phil Jones’ trackside interviewing, which has been the source of amusement among viewers for his ‘touchy-feely’ style.

Ennis-born broadcaster Lynam left BBC Sport in 1998 for ITV and most recently presented Countdown.

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