Cunningham: Galway have to concentrate

Updated: August 13, 2012

After making their first All Ireland final since 2005 Galway manager Anthony Cunningham gives his thoughts on the game and on his team’s progress so far this year.

He made reference to the fact that they refused to get carried away after their great win over Kilkenny and they will now adopt a similar low key approach for the final.

“We did cope, as a set of players and a management team, with the Leinster final, with a very small celebration, one night,” he said.

“After that we knuckled down and we had to do that. It was the first time to win a Leinster. In 2001 and 2005 there was a lot of hype. That’s not there now and it won’t be there.”

“Fergal Moore, Niall Donoghue and Johnny Coen were tremendous right through. Tony (Óg) Regan upped his game. Niall and Johnny’s play was tremendous.”

He also paid tribute to the great year that Cork have had under Jimmy Barry Murphy.

“I think Cork have a lot to look forward to, they’ve had a huge game there. They have a lot of good players coming and I think the future is bright for Cork as well.”

Despite some fantastic performances from his young team so far this season he emphasised the scope for further improvement and development.

“We have to concentrate. We are still a young team, we are not a seasoned team yet.”

“What I will take from losing All-Irelands – I lost an All-Ireland final (with Garrycastle) in March, is that you have to be composed on the day. You will get your chances.”

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