Broken wrist sidelines Moore

Updated: August 23, 2012

Ryan Moore’s hopes of regaining the champion jockey title this season look to be in tatters after he confirmed that his left wrist was broken in a fall at Warwick on Tuesday evening.

The injury occurred when Cresta Star slipped on the turn for home, unshipping the former champion jockey who does not know when he will be able to return to the saddle. As well as dealing a severe blow to his hopes of adding to his three championships, the injury will force Moore to miss out on several plum rides including on Oaks winner Was in the Yorkshire Oaks today.

What is adding to the three times champion’s frustration is his belief that the incident was entirely avoidable. In his Betfair blog the 28 year old wrote: “In my opinion, the problem was that the grass was far too long and lush, and that can always cause problems.

“And when I went into the bend on Cresta Star I was never balanced. I had hold of her head but when the favourite came round, I got a bit tight and she lost her back end and slipped.”

It was the second fall Moore suffered in a short space of time, following his accident at Goodwood earlier this month. He had voiced his concerns about the ground at Warwick to his weigh room colleagues prior to the incident. The injury was confirmed on Tuesday night but Moore is waiting to discover the length of the lay off he faces.

“I don’t know the full extent of the problem until I go and see my normal doctor in Oxford, but I’ll obviously be out for a while. What really annoys me is that I think it was avoidable.”

Bookmakers reacted to the news by tightening the odds on Richard Hughes being crowned champion jockey. The Kildare native, who narrowly missed out on winning the title in 2010, is now 1-6 to become champion for the first time.

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