Kenny Egan attacks Joe Ward

Updated: June 2, 2011

Olympic silver medal winner, Kenny Egan has launched a stinging attack on Joe Ward, the 17-year-old who ended his reign as Irish champion earlier this year.

The Dublin fighter’s run of 10 successive national light-heavyweight titles came to an end in February when the World Youth champion from Moate beat him in a titanic battle. Both men are now working in the Irish Boxing Association’s High Performance Unit and yesterday,Egan has accused Ward of trying to avoid him when sparring:

“He does have a qualm about sparring all the time, he thinks I’ll learn too much off him. He is good, but he’s not that good. He can get a bit ahead of himself, thinking I can learn things off him. He’s talented, he’s very, very strong and the fact that he’s 17 it’s hard to believe that he is so strong. I just hope he doesn’t build himself up too much, because it’s going to be a hard oul’ fall if he does get beaten.

“I’ve been No 1 for years. I would always be training with the No 2. But I wouldn’t diss him or anything, I’d spar him all the time and I’d try and bring him on. In sport it comes and goes. You have winners, you have losers. I got beaten on the night, I’ve been performing there for the last decade. My record in national seniors was 22 and 0, so it is okay to have a bad day at the office. I had one bad day at the office in 10 years, you know what I mean? So it is not too bad”

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