Taylor named Boxer of the Championship

Updated: June 5, 2011

The Polish Presidents Award for ‘Boxer of the Championships’ has gone to Katie Taylor following her victories over Denitza Eliseeva, Marzia Davide, Chantelle Cameron and Karolina Graczyk on her way to her ‘4th in a row’ European Union title in Katowice.

Taylor‘s points total for the tournament was 80 whilst she conceded but 30.

The Poland took four Gold’s, two each went to England and Turkey and one apiece for Hungary and Ireland. It was Taylor’s 11th major International title since 2005.

Official results from Katowice:
48 kg Meltem Akar (Turcja)- Patrycja Bednarek (Polska) 17:9
51 kg Nicola Adams (Anglia) – Karolina Michalczuk (Polska) 17:13
54 kg Ayse Tas (Turcja) – Sandra Drabik (Polska) 14:12
57 kg Sandra Kruk (Polska) – Swietłana Stanewa (Bułgaria) 19:14
60 kg Katie Taylor (Irlandia) – Karolina Graczyk (Polska) 25:9
64 kg Natasha Jonas (Anglia) – Oliwia Łuczak (Polska) 17:7
69 kg Katarzyna Furmaniak (Polska) – Marichelle de Jong (Holandia) 12:10
75 kg Lidia Fidura (Polska) – Nouchka Fontijn (Holandia) 15:10
81 kg Timea Nagy (Węgry) – Sylwia Kusiak (Polska) 18:16
+81 kg Anna Słowik (Polska) – Demir Sennur (Turcja) 12:8

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