Down facing injury crisis

Updated: June 17, 2011

Down footballers are facing an injury crisis ahead of their All-Ireland qualifier against Clare next weekend. Benny Coulter and Conor Maginn are the latest of their players to become doubtful for the clash with the Bannermen.

Damien Rafferty, Conor Garvey, Gerard McCartan and Darren O’Hagan are all out of the game for definite and the latest news of further injuries is a huge concern for manager James McCartan.

“You don’t like to harp on about injuries, but we’ve injured men that we can’t get onto the field,” said McCartan.

“Amborse Rogers, Damien Rafferty, Conor Garvey and Gerard McCartan is now added to that list. Dee ‘Raff’, Garvey, Gerard McCartan and Darren O’Hagan won’t put on boots for the Clare match.”

“Ambrose has been taking part in training and the knee hasn’t been swelling up nearly as much. So it’s positive, but if you’re asking me if he’ll be in the squad for the Clare game, it’s probably too early to say. At this stage I would say it’s unlikely.” will have live score updates on all GAA Championship matches over the summer.

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