Christy Cooney defends referees

Updated: June 29, 2011

GAA President Christy Cooney has said that he is “very happy” with the current standard of GAA referees.

Officials have again come under the spotlight this season after a number of controversial decisions were highlighted in the media.However, Cooney has jumped to the defence of the referees and feels that they have done well.

Speaking about the controversial free awarded to Dublin at the end of Sunday’s Leinster SFC semi-final, Cooney said:

“It was the referee’s call and I’m happy with the decision. Referees have a job to do. They make a call as they see it and judge it, and that’s it. We respect that fully.

“We put an enormous amount of effort and commitment into meeting referees, training referees, listening to referees, working with their umpires.

“And it’s more so than ever this year because of the issues that happened last year around the Louth game.

“We’re very happy. Referees by and large do a very good job. I have no criticism of referees.

“Will referees make a mistake? Of course they will – they are human beings.”

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