Thugs banned for Life by Tyrone County Board

Updated: July 8, 2011

Tyrone’s County Board have banned for life two people involved in the recent attack on referee Simon Brady during the county final that left the referee unconscious.

Following this incident , the Tyrone Ladies GFA instigated a robust enquiry and full investigation. The results of the investigation were outlined to a full county board meeting last night and the bans announced.

An individual, reportedly a Carrickmore supporter was identified as the person who allegedly assaulted match referee Simon Brady, The County board issued him with a lifetime ban from any involvement in or with Ladies gaelic football, this includes attendance at Ladies fixtures in the future. He was not a member of the Ladies GFA.

A second individual confirmed as part of the Carrickmore management team and a member of the Ladies GFA was identified as the person who allegedly assaulted the Tyrone ladies GFA chairman Martin Conway.

Once again a life ban was imposed in accordance with the Ladies football official guide. The Carrickmore club were also handed a substantial fine.

The Tyrone ladies GFA commended those who carried out and assisted with the investigation, they thanked both clubs for the manner in which they co-operated fully with the enquiry.

In a statement to the meeting ,Carrickmore condemned the incidents and wished the two injured parties a speedy recovery and return to their duties.

It has been a difficult time for the Ladies game in Tyrone but their focus now is on pulling together ahead of Sundays Ulster senior ladies football final with Tyrone up against Monaghan at Clones.

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