All Ireland football quarter finals draw & fixtures

Updated: July 24, 2011

All-Ireland champions Cork are set to meet Kerry in the All-Ireland semi-final , it will of been James Horan’s biggest fear to be drawn against Cork.

Munster champions Kerry will meet Limerick for the second time after beating them the Treaty men 1-26 to 3-09 earlier in the season.

Donegal and Kildare will play each other with Dublin playing the winner of the qualifier tie between Tyrone and Roscommon.

The matches are scheduled for weekend of 30-31 July.

All-Ireland SFC quarter-final draw:

Kerry v Limerick
Cork v Mayo
Donegal v Kildare
Dublin v Tyrone/Roscommon

All-Ireland SFC semi-final draw:

Kerry/Limerick v Cork/Mayo
Dublin/Tyrone or Roscommon v Donegal/Kildare

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