Mick McCarthy takes on Twitter

Updated: July 26, 2011

Wolves manager Mick McCarthy has launched an outburst against social media site Twitter.

Captain Fantastic had this to say about Twitter “Players are going to get themselves into trouble over Twitter, I can tell. I can’t ban it and I’m not going to try. But they have to be careful what they say on it about the club and its policies. If they put a team selection up, which I’m sure some disgruntled numpty will at some stage, they will be in trouble. Then I think they can get fined. It is forbidden and I think it’s unforgivable anyway to make it known just because they are not in the team.”

McCarthy’s paranoia was stoked last year after he missed out on the capture of combative midfielder Steve Sidwell to Fulham. Reserve player Greg Halford had tweeted that Sidwell’s arrival was imminent to Molineux only for a dramatic u-turn to take place once Fulham became aware that the player was on the market.

McCarthy is now taking pre emptive action to ensure that such a situation does not happen again this season. One only wonders what may have transpired in Saipan in 2002 if Twitter was available back then!

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