Dublin outclass Tyrone to reach semi’s

Updated: August 6, 2011

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Tyrone 0-15 v Dublin 0-22
Full time

added time, the ref blow it, the dubs are in the semis! a brillant win for the boys in blue
35min tyrone forlornly knock a free in but dubs gain possession.
we are on full time as we wait to see how much added time we will get
Dublin seeing out this game as the hill look forward to donegal in the semis
29min McGinley gets third in a row for tyrone
29min Kavanagh scores another tyrone point
28min O’neill scores for tyrone
28min now its older brother alan on the points list.
27min Ole ole bernardo brogan. a stunnig point as the capital put on the style
26min penrose pulls one back
24min Cluxton knocks one over for the dubs, surely its dublin to win now
23min o’neill misses a golden chance for tyrone to get a goal
21min Penrose scores for tyrone
20min another one for the dubs this time by cahill, set up by bernard brogan
19min Bernard nabs an easy free in front of the hill
17min O’Neill gets an excellent point for tyrone
16min penrose puts one over for tyrone
15min another one for connolly and the dubs as tyrone throw on more subs
14min Flynn gets one for Dublin
13min play breaks to dublin but its lost to tyrone by bernard brogan who should have passed inside
12min 40metre free over for tyrone
11min alan brogan fizzes in a belter across the goal and wide!
11min dooher scoots one over for tyrone
9min oh flynn was nearly in for a goal but it skidded wide
9min another dublin score as tyrone are on their knees
6min Dooher hits tyrone’s fifth wide
4min Kavanagh misses an easy free for Tyrone
3min Bastick scores another point as Dubs stretch the lead and from the kick out its another, a seventh point for Connolly, looking very bad for the Ulstermen
2min Connolly benefits from a mistake to get his sixth point for the dubs
1min Tyrone with the ball, dooher going forward but blocked
Now we are ready to go
The Dubs are out but Tyrone are still in the changing room
The cuppa has warmed up the body on a cold night in northside Dublin and we are all set for the second half.
Kavanagh grabs a needed point for tyrone as we reach half time
a wonderful score from Alan Brogan, set up by O’Sullivan
added time diarmuid connolly gets his fifth dublin point
34min Alan Brogan fires wide
thats 12 frees given away now by Dublin
33min Tyrone pressing forward and get a free. Harte to take it and he scores
32min A rare point from 10 yards out for Tyrone
31min Cullen finishes off a good forward move for another Dublin score
30min Harte for the Ulstermen takes a free and a bad miss
29min Bernard Brogan gets another one as they push forward, obvious so far that the tyrone forwards are weaker than the dubs defence
26min Bastick makes it 6 wides for dubs
24min Bad wide by Mccarthy as Dublin should have scored
22min He makes amends with a good point, his first score of the night
21min free in for dubs, Bernard Brogan wins it and misses it,very kickable
break in play for injury to a Tyrone player
19min Connolly gets another one as he;s main threat tonight and hes just put one wide now
18min Kavanaghs free for tyrone
16min its another score for dublin as they get to grips with this one
14min Connolly finsihes off a break up the field by dublin and its two points clear
13min McGuigan blocked as dubs throw themselves at the ball
10min Alan Brogan pops over a classic point to put the dubs ahead
10min Tyrone racing forwards but Hughes rushes his shot wide in front of the hill
8min Cahill gets one for the Dubs
6min Dublin looking bright but here come Tyrone, Harte to Kavanagh and he’s pulled down. Free to Tyrone. Sean Kavanagh pops it over
5min Cluxton rambles up to fire over a free for the Dubs
3min Donnelly puts tyrone ahead with a fine point
1min The Yanks and Obama may have lost their ratings but this is the only currency worth bothering with tonight.The ball is up and we are off.
0minLooking at the itch, Tyrone look fired up. Mickey is pumping them up, getting ready for the throw in.
Two changes for the Dubs. McAuley and Cahill replace Fennell and O’Gara
The heavens have opened here in Croke Park as the two giants of GAA face each other in tonights Quarter Final for the fifth time in six years. My heart says Dublin but Mickey Harte in the wake of more RTE shenanigans surely will have his team fired up and I cant see them missing sixteen wides like they did in last years defeat to the Dubs.

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Dublin – Stephen Cluxton; Michael Fitzsimons, Rory O’Carroll, Cian O’Sullivan; James McCarthy, Ger Brennan, Kevin Nolan; Denis Bastick, Eamon Fennell; Paul Flynn, Alan Brogan, Bryan Cullen; Eoghan O’Gara, Diarmuid Connolly, Bernard Brogan

Tyrone – Pascal McConnell , Martin Swift, Joe McMahon, Justin McMahon, Sean O’Neill, Conor Gormley, Philip Jordan, Kevin Hughes, Sean Cavanagh, Colm Cavanagh, Brian McGuigan, Peter Harte, Martin Penrose, Mark Donnelly, Owen Mulligan.

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