Galway begin search for new football boss

Updated: August 8, 2011

Alan Mulholland and Kevin Walsh have emerged as the early favourites to become the next Galway football manager after Tomás Ó Flatharta was sacked on Friday night after only a year in charge of the county.

Ó Flatharta was originally appointed on a three-year term but after a very poor season, the writing was on the wall for the Kerry native. Clubs in Galway will now be asked to nominate their preference for the next boss and the process is likely to take a few weeks.

Mulholland trained the county minors to an All Ireland success in 2007 and followed up this year with the Under 21 national title. He is currently regarded as the clear favourite to take the reins. Kevin Walsh was expected to replace Joe Kernan last year but decided to stay with Sligo at the time. Whether that decision counts against him this time round, only time will tell.

After the disappointing campaigns under O’Flatharta and Kernan, the Tribesmen may be slow to appoint a third consecutive outside boss. For that very reason, Mulholland has to be the obvious choice. If however, the clubs decide to be openminded and look outside the county, Mick O’Dwyer must be their number one port of call. The Kerry man has always expressed an interest in managing Galway and with the clock counting down on his managerial career he may fancy one last shot at an All Ireland crown.

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