Spurs-Everton game off due to riots

Updated: August 11, 2011

The Premier League has confirmed that Saturday’s season opener between Spurs and Everton will not go ahead due to the ongoing riots in the areas surrounding Tottenham and across London.

Chief Executive Richard Scudamore said that after discussion with the Metropolitan Police it was decided that it was not feasible for the game to go ahead but confirmed all other fixtures will go ahead as planned.

Other top-flight matches in the capital between Fulham and Aston Villa and new boys Queens Park Rangers and Bolton were subject to late discussions between the league and police but will now take place on schedule.

Championship games between Crystal Palace and Burnley, Millwall and Nottingham Forest, and Watford and Derby were also in danger of being called but have been given the green light.

Tuesday’s League Cup matches at Crystal Palace, Charlton and West Ham were postponed as police struggled to get to grips with the scale of the unrest.

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