Rathnew’s Murphy is new Wicklow Manager

Updated: August 30, 2011

Last night’s Wicklow County Board meeting confirmed Rathnew’s Harry Murphy as new Wicklow Football Manager in succession to Mick O’Dwyer.

Whilst a modest number of fans had a stated preference for another external Manager, preferably, Jason Ryan, the appointment of Murphy has met with almost universal approval within the county, bearing in mind his excellent record with Rathnew.

Murphy has had a very successful record with Rathnew over the past eleven years leading them to the Leinster club title in 2001 as well as winning seven senior football titles in his time as boss, four in a row 2000/1/2/3 followed by three more successes in 05/09/10.

Anyone following the great Micko will come under great scrutiny from both fans and the media but Murphy is widely respected both outside the county and within.

Mick O’Dywer will be remembered for the Tommy Murphy cup triumph in 2008 and some good wins in the Championship – he retired following Wicklow’s loss against Armagh – after a replay – in the 2011 qualifiers. After that loss against Armagh , county chairman Mick O’Hagan immediately set up a committee to find his replacement and Harry Murphy’s outstanding record with ‘The Village’ made him a hot favourite for the job.

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