Ireland’s Lady golfers lose to Wales

Updated: September 9, 2011

Ireland never recovered from a 2-1 loss in the foursomes and succumbed to Wales 6-3 on the second day of the Women’s Home Internationals at Hillside, England

Gillian O’Leary and Charlene Reid won their morning foursomes and Lisa Maguire levelled the tie at 2-2 after a thrilling victory over Amy Boulden. However, Ireland’s comeback was not to be as Gillian O’Leary was the only player to secure a point in the afternoon singles.

England defeated Scotland by the same margin and only need a draw with Ireland to win their first title since 2007. Meanwhile Ireland could yet win the Championship should they inflict a heavy defeat on favourites England. However it would be a huge though welcome surprise if that were to happen,

based on the form and results from the opening days of the tournament.


Amy Boulden & Becky Harries beat Louise Coffey & Karen Delaney 2&1

Chloe Williams & Katie Bradbury lost to Gillian O’Leary & Charlene Reid 2&1

Katherine O’Connor & Lucy Gould beat Lisa Maguire & Paula Grant 2&1

Amy Boulden lost to Lisa Maguire 1up

Katie Bradbury beat Louise Coffey 1up

Chloe Williams beat Charlene Reid 1up

Katherine O’Connor beat Chloe Ryan 3&1

Lucy Gould lost to Gillian O’Leary 1up

Becky Harries beat Emma O’Driscoll 5&4



The previous day saw Ireland stage a remarkable comeback against defending Champions Scotland in the afternoon singles overcoming a lunchtime deficit of 2½-½ to win 5-4 .

Louise Coffey, Gillian O’Leary and Charlene Reid earned early afternoon points and it was up to debutantes Emma O’Driscoll and Paula Grant to play out-of-their-boots and snatch the 1½ points from the final two matches to secure a sweet 5-4 victory.


Louise Kenney & Kelsey MacDonald beat Louise Coffey & Karen Delaney 4&3

Pamela Pretswell & Alyson McKechin beat Gillian O’Leary & Charlene Reid 2up

Megan Briggs & Eilidh Briggs halved with Lisa Maguire & Paula Grant

Louise Kenney lost to Louise Coffey 4&3

Kelsey MacDonald lost to Gillian O’Leary 3&1

Pamela Prestswell beat Lisa Maguire 5&4

Megan Briggs lost to Charlene Reid 5&4

Rebecca Wilson halved with Paula Grant

Jane Turner lost to Emma O’Driscoll 1up

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