Tadhg Kennelly looks set for a career in media

Updated: November 8, 2011

Tadhg Kennelly looks set for a career in media having announced hs retirement from the AFL in August.

The Kerryman, who hasn’t ruled out playing for his county again, also plans to travel around the world but feels that a media job could just be what he has been looking for. “”Yeah, that’s a plan (to work in the media). It seems like a pretty easy gig,” he joked before adding: “You (journalists) all got a free trip out here to Australia. Having a few pints and what-not.

“Stick a mic down someone’s throat and ask a few questions. And getting the big money. It sounds alright to me.”

Kennelly also revealed that the Irish squad used the current economic situation in Ireland as motivation for their recent win against Austraila in the recent International rules series. “We tried to bring a bit of happiness and give people a few minutes not to worry about what’s going on outside of the house.

“We wanted to give them pride in the people who come from their clubs and their counties. “It’s a very, very difficult time at home. It’s something we talked about, trying to get a bit of pride back in Ireland.

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