David Walshe joins World Boxing Federation

Updated: November 11, 2011

David Walshe, founder of Ireland’s popular boxing website www.irishboxers.ie, is the latest to join the staff of the World Boxing Federation (WBF), with the goal of helping further develop the Professional sport in Ireland.

Walshe, from Portlaw in County Waterford has been involved in boxing in Ireland in a number of different areas for over 30 years. He still advises a number of professional fighters and matchmakes, which is part of what he calls “a combined service including the running and development of the website, dedicated to Irish boxers based worldwide”.

Walshe will work alongside Paul Thomas, the respected WBF Regional Representative for Great Britain and Ireland, who is also a member of the WBF Executive Committee. “Boxing is my life and I am always looking at ways to help and develop the sport,” Walshe said. “I can assure you that I will work in the World Boxing Federation’s best interest, treat boxers, officials and promoters with the utmost respect and do all in my power to bring the best possible results to the WBF.”

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