Antrim withdraw from 2012 Walsh Cup

Updated: November 17, 2011

Antrim senior hurlers will not compete in the 2012 Walsh Cup following a request by new manager Jerry Wallis.

Wallis has said that he needs to spend time getting to know his players and following consultations with the county board,it was agreed that the county would withdraw from the competition.

“We have withdrawn from it (the Walsh Cup) this year,” Wallis told the Irish News. “With the change of management, I asked to be given a bit of time to familiarise myself with the players.

“Also, I felt that I needed an extra bit of time to work with the players, get to know them and possibly get them fitter and stronger before we go into competition.

“Also, you have the logistics of it. Travelling down south, arriving down, you might have a game called off. It is very demoralising to head back up and then come down the following week for a re-arranged fixture,” he added.

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