Connacht easily beaten by Toulouse

Updated: November 19, 2011

Connacht 10 – 36 Toulouse 6pm
Scorers: Toulouse: Beauxis (x8) Bouilhou ( try) and Beauxis (conversion x 3) Connacht: Nikora (penalty)

Full-Time: A disappointing night for home-side Connacht and their supporters as they are run ragged by a Toulouse side who were comfortable throughout. An impressive spell in the second-half gave Connacht a well-earned penalty try, but they never really got going and struggled to oppose themselves against a superior side.
80 mins: Nikora to McSharry and works it out to Duffy. Knock forward gives ball back to Toulouse and referee blows the whistle to confirm an emphatic victory for Toulouse.
80 mins: Connacht awarded scrum, possibly last play of the game.
79 mins: Toulouse look for fourth try and bonus point
78 mins: Dissatoir advances into Connacht 22 as Mc Allister and Fritz relinquish posession to Connacht.
78 mins: Try awarded for Toulouse followed by succesful conversion
77 mins: Play is stalled as players await confirmation of try
76 mins: Toulouse drive right up and over Connacht line but referee needs TMO to confirm if ball is grounded
76 mins: Toulouse go for a scrum as Burgess puts in
75 mins: Connacht loose posession and Mc Allister is body checked to give Toulouse another penalty
74 mins: Toulouse regain posession as Clerc trys to move forward but ball is recovered for Connacht.
74 mins: Nikora with high ball as Nikora struggle to make headway.
73 mins: Toulouse quickly onto Nikora as Murphy and Nikora work the ball out to the wing
73 mins: Connacht retain possesion as they advance towards the mid-way line
72 mins: Nikora puts over conversion to reward Connacht for a good spell of play.
72 mins: Dusautoir penalised for Toulouse and penalty try awarded to Connacht.
71 mins: Murphy puts into scrum as they move it forward, just a metre short.
71 mins: Connacht with five metre srcum. Great spell for the Connacht men
70 mins: Burgess looses ball in scrum and Connacht turns over ball
70 mins: Toulouse show their strenght in depth as Nyanga comes off the bench.
69 mins: Toulouse regain posession, but Connacht remain in the French half
68 mins: Toulouse defence too organised as McCarthy goes low and spills ball for Connacht
68 mins: Connacht just short of Toulouse line as they pick and drive
67 mins: Nikora puts ball in touch for Connacht line out
66 mins: Muldoon is just 3 meteres short on the far side as the home side throw in the kitchen sink, but cant get through Toulouse defence
66 mins: Connacht mount great attack from Duffy line but O’Halloran taken down just short of toulouse line.
65 mins: Connacht get good maul going three metres short of toulouse line but fail to keep the ball and Toulouse turn over the ball.
64 mins: Duffy slots the ball safely into touch about eight metres short of Toulouse touch line.
63 mins: O’Halloran tackled on Toulouse ten metre line. Penaly awarded against Toulouse as Connacht struggle to make significant headway.
61 mins: Ball knocked forward for Toulouse scrum
61 mins: Mike Swift and Connacht advance past Toulouse ten metre line
59 mins: Ball goes loose and is knocked forward by Toulouse as they mount another attack
59 mins: Line-out won by Connacht, Duffy takes pass from Griffin and Nikora puts high ball down the centre
58 mins: Beauxis puts ball into touch well in the Connacht half.
58 mins: Play comes to nothing as Connacht penalised for not releasing ball
57 mins: Nikora to McSharry as Connacht attempt to get over the game line. Murphy to muldoon as they advance into 22.
56 mins: McSharry knocked into touch for Toulouse line-out
56 mins: Ball retained by Murphy as Connacht move forward
55 mins: Nikora finds touch at toulouse 22 for Connacht line-out.
55 mins: Ball remains on Connacht side and they are awarded penalty as Toulouse look for bonus point
54 mins: Nikora hits fine penalty for Connacht to temporarily relieve pressure and advance within ten yards of Toulouse line
53 mins: Toulouse with ball at 22 and the French men are awarded another penalty. Beauxis indicates that they are going for scrum.
52 mins: Clerc looses the for Toulouse after Duffy tackle and Connacht get away, but foot is in touch.
51 mins: Toulouse camped in Connacht half as Luke Mc Allister comes on for Poitrenaud .
50 mins: Penalty to Toulouse following another illegal turn. Beauxis puts the ball into touch, 22 line-out for the visitors
47 mins: Toulouse awarded penalty try for a 180 degree turn. Connacht desolate as Beauxis slots over conversion
45 mins: Five metre scrum for Connacht with the game sorely needing an injection of energy.
44 mins: Ball knocked forward by Toulouse to give Connacht a scrum in front of their own posts.
43 mins: Beauxis puts ball into Connacht corner for Toulouse line-out.
42 mins: Burgess tackled as Toulouse begin where they left off.
Half-Time: A master-class from French veterans Toulouse has left Connacht with a mountain to climb in the second half. The home-side struggled to maintain posession in the first half and stem the tide of the Toulouse attack.
42 mins: McSharry pushed into touch as referee calls half time. Connacht trail by 19.
40 mins: Lionel continues to punish Connacht with his boot and makes it 22-3 on the stroke of half-time.
40 mins: Toulouse awarded penatly and Beauxis is told to go for the posts
39 mins: Griffin takes ball into contact for Connacht after winning line-out, but ball is spilled forward and turned over by Toulouse.
38 mins: Fritz runs through Connacht defence but Lamboley fails to control the ball
37 mins: Nikora slots over with his left to put Connacht on the score-board for the first time in the match
36 mins: Nikora has chance to get three points for Connacht after illegal tackle from Toulouse gives the home side a penalty
34 mins: The flawless Beauxis has virtual tap-over in front of the posts as Toulouse go 19 ahead
33 mins: Paul O’Donoghue puts into scrum, but Connacht penalised to give Beauxis simple kick
31 mins: Servat pushed back by Connacht defence but ball is still there for Toulouse
31 mins: Beauxis finds touch well and Toulouse are five metres short of Connacht line
30 mins: Mc Carthy is sin binned for high arm as things get worse for Toulouse
29 mins: Clerc advances on Connacht 10 yard line and is taken down by Mike Mc Carthy.
28 mins: Toulouse with line-out
27 mins: Griffin hit hard in tackle and O’Halloran nearly away for Connacht, but has foot in touch
27 mins: Connacht relieve pressure with penalty in their own 22
26 mins: Muldoon gives ball away and Toulouse nearly in for second try.
25 mins: Connacht get penalty and taken out by Muldoon six metres short.
25 mins: Connacht on counter attack. Griffin taken down by Medard eight yards from Toulouse line.
24 mins: Toulouse convert to get seven points for try.
23 mins: Picamoles picks up loose ball from scrum and advance towards Connacht line and Bouilhou touches down to give Toulouse their first try.
22 mins: Toulouse very Comfortable as the men from the West struggle to get their hands on the ball
20 mins: Scrum for O’Donoghue and Connacht. Duffy kicked blocked down and gathered by Toulouse.
19 mins: Toulouse going through the phases and stretching Connacht from one side of pitch to the other
19 mins: Ball knocked forward by Connacht player, advantage for Toulouse
18 mins: Connacht fail to take advantage of territory in Toulouse half
16 mins: Toulouse gives first penalty away and gives Connacht a chance to put pressure on the visitors
16 mins: Beauxis kick gets favourable bounce and finds touch for Toulouse just outside connacht 22. Everything going Toulouse’s way.
15 mins: Off side is called by referee and Beauxis puts it over to put Toulouse nine ahead.
14 mins: Medard attacks down Connacht win.
13 mins: Vincent Clerc loops around Connacht defence as Toulouse attack once more
12 mins: Luke Burgess gathers the ball for Toulouse and Lionel Beauxis puts over a 38 yard drop goal to put the French men 6 ahead
11 mins: Attacking scrum from Connacht is undone by forward pass.
10 mins: Burgess recovers the ball for Toulouse
10 mins: Free kick quickly taken by Duffy for Connacht and they advance to 22 metre line.
9 mins: Scrum for Connacht on Toulouse 10 metre line
8 mins: Forward pass from Toulouse lets Connacht off the hook.
8 mins: Toulouse recover the ball and Medard nearly in for Toulouse try after running the ball.
7 mins: O’Donoghue slides past Toulose tackle to get ball up to 22 for Connacht
5 mins: Toulouse gets first points on the board with well taken penalty
5 mins: Burgess prepares put into scrum for Toulouse and is awarded with penalty after scrum is collapsed by Connacht.
4 mins: Ball knocked forward by Connacht and Toulouse get scrum just six yards from touch line
3 mins: Duffy with diaganol right footed kick to find touch. Great start for the Connacht men
2 mins: Connacht peg Toulouse back close to their 22. Toulouse line-out
1 mins: Ball back on Toulouse side as Connacht attempt to exert pressure early on.
1 mins: Penalty to Toulouse as the game gets under way for Connacht pulling down a maul.

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0min An historic day at the Sportsground as Connacht make their home debut in the competition against the mighty Toulouse.

Connacht: G Duffy; T O’Halloran, E Griffin, D McSharry, B Tuohy; M Nikora, P O’Donohoe; B Wilkinson, A Flavin, R Ah You; M Swift, D Gannon; M McCarthy, J Muldoon, G Naoupu

Replacements: E Reynecke, R Loughney, D Rogers, TJ Anderson, R Ofisa, F Murphy, N O’Connor, H Fa’afili

Toulouse: C Poitrenaud; M Medard, F Fritz, Y Jauzion, V Clerc; L Beauxis, L Burgess; Y Montes, W Servat, C Johnston; G Lamboley, Y Maestri; J Bouilhou, T Dusautoir, L Picamoles.

Replacements: G Botha, JB Poux, J Falefa, R Millo-Chluski, N Vergallo, Y Nyanga, L McAlister, G Galan

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