Loose Bolt Responsible for Death

Updated: January 10, 2012

The inquest into the death of one of Ireland’s top road racers has found that in all probability a loose bolt caused his brakes to fail, the BBC has reported.

Martin Finnegan was killed at the Tandragee 100 in May 2008. His wife, Brenda, said she was satisfied with the outcome which she said had cleared her husband’s name.

She said it was unfortunate that the family had to put together the case to establish there was nothing Martin could have done to prevent the crash.

Reflecting on the evidence given at the inquest on Monday, experts came to an agreed conclusion that “if Martin did not suffer a severe ‘tank slap’ in all probability the cause of the failure was a loose banjo bolt”.

No further witnesses were called on Tuesday given that the experts reached an agreed conclusion.

The coroner, John Leckey concluded that “in all probability a loose banjo bolt was the cause of the failure of the front brake”.

Mr Leckey thanked Mr Finnegan’s wife and all witnesses for attending the inquest.

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