Redknapp: Man in pub could do my job

Updated: January 14, 2012

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Harry Redknapp, the man being lauded for bringing Spurs to the forefront of the Premier League race and heir to the English national team throne, says: “football managers are overrated.”

Speaking to the BBC, Redknapp says that Opta stats and other scientific methods count for little against an understanding of the game.

“There’s no magic formula, Alex Ferguson is the most successful man in out business. He understands the game, he loves the game.

“He’s not doing a million stats on this, that and the other. He lets his eyes tell him what he sees, he understands football, he’s been brought up with the game.”

Surprisingly given his regular criticism of the overly critical nature of modern supporters Redknapp says: “He’s no different than the man in the pub.”

“Sometimes you want to go and watch a player and you pop in the local pub before the game and have a chat with some of the punters and they’ll tell you about the player you’re going to watch.

“Sometimes you think I may as well get in the car and go home. They’re not all mugs: they watch the game.

“There’s nothing that clever to it, I think we’re quite overrated us football managers,” Redknapp says.

“It’s about good players, if you’ve got good players who want to play, they’re the ones who perform at the end of the day. Its about players not managers.”

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