Irish man breaks ultra-marathon World Record

Updated: February 16, 2012

An Irish ultra runner who is the only man on the planet to run seven marathons in less than seven days on seven continents has broken his own record in Sydney.

The 45-year-old father-of-one Richard Donovan began his epic quest in the extremes of Antarctica, running the first 26-mile leg in -20C at the Russian Novo science base last Wednesday. His current record stands at five days, 10 hours and eight minutes and he has knocked half a day off that. He ended up running 183 miles and flying 27,055 miles by 7pm last night; a full 12 hours inside the previous record.

Running times are independently verified at each location. He has done the endurance challenge on a shoestring budget out of his own pocket to raise awareness of the humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa.

The Galway man flew to all destinations on his own and in economy class. He cited sleep deprivation and massive temperature fluctuations as the most difficult part of his epic trek.

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