Exploring The World Boxing Federation

Updated: February 23, 2012
Renowned boxing correspondent Lyle Fitzsimmons recently undertook an
interview with World Boxing Federation Marketing Director Gianluca Di
Caro, which was published today on www.boxingscene.com

As the interview makes clear Lyle was keen to ascertain how and why the
World Boxing Federation have noticeably began to make the transition from
minor league status to begin the process of challenging the more
established World Sanctioning bodies, such as the WBC, IBF, WBA and WBO,
for position.

Mr Di Caro’s candid replies may surprise many readers, especially on the
subjects of ranking and titles, as not only doesn’t he attempt to avoid
tricky questions but answers them full on, without pulling any punches in
his response.

The interview can be read in it’s entirety at


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