Taylor to fight Underwood in Cork?

Updated: February 25, 2012

A repeat of that ‘amazing’ World Championship semi-final in Barbados 2012 is on the cards, now that Queen Underwood has won the U.S Olympics trial in Spokane.

According to usually reliable sources, the bout may go ahead as part of an Ireland v USA bill in Cork with a possible second bout at the National Stadium.

Later, Taylor’s coach and Dad Peter said that they were aiming at a 21st April bout in Cork. Taylor has had two previous victories over Underwood in Ireland, both in 2009.
Underwood won the 60kg title in Spokane though she has not been in top form in these championships.Many experts feel that the publication in the ‘New York Times’ of her
harrowing story of abuse by her father, has tended to hinder rather than help her in Spokane.

Taylor meantime is now preparing for her bouts on 24/25/26 February at the Royal Hotel in Bray when she meets Sandra Brugger of Switzerland, Cindy Orain of France and Norway’s Ingrid Egner.
IF the Cork bout against Underwood is confirmed then it is likely to be both boxers last bout before heading for China and the World Championships and Olympic Qualifier in May.

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