Australia’s biggest soccer club sack Chief Exec

Updated: March 5, 2012

Australia’s most supported and successful football club; Sydney FC have sacked their Chief Executive, Dirk Melton after several complaints of ‘unacceptable’ behaviour.

The A-League club said in a statement Monday that’s Melton’s contract had been terminated immediately after a unanimous decision by the board. It said the decision followed “a number of formal complaints of a serious nature by employees.”

Milton has denied any wrongdoing and is rumoured to be considering legal action:   “I will not be commenting on the circumstances that have purportedly given rise to the board’s decision other than to deny strenuously any allegations that have been made against me suggesting that I have engaged in unacceptable management of staff or any other form of inappropriate behaviour.   I believe my excellent relationships with the vast majority of Sydney FC’s staff speak for themselves,”  Melton said in a statement.

This story is still in its embryonic stages and the exact details of Mr. Milton’s supposed  ”inappropriate behaviour”  have yet to be revealed, though more is set to be revealed over the coming days.  Stefan Kamasz will take over as interim CEO of Sydney FC until a permanent replacement for Milton is unveiled.

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