Scolari talks of Chelsea “hell”

Updated: March 5, 2012

Former Chelsea manager Luiz Felipe Scolari has said that he will not envy whoever becomes the next Chelsea manager and that his time at the club was  ”hell on earth.”

The Brazilian World Cup winning manager suffered a similar fate as Chelsea manager when lasting one month less than Andre Villas Boas’ six months in charge at the club when he finally got the chop in February 2009.

Scolari has talked of his sympathy for the youngest manager in English Premier League history and pointed the finger of blame for Chelsea’s dismal season firmly at Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich.

“England has clubs like Arsenal, where Arsene Wenger has been for several years, yet has won only two or three championships.  ”But Chelsea’s culture is very different, but this move is strange – although it’s not so strange to me because of what I went through there.” said Scolari, now in charge of Brazilian outfit Palmeiras, at a news conference.

The 63 year-old went on to show further frustration when stating:     ”Villas-Boas was a champion and he will continue to be. He needed to replace at least seven or eight players, even since I was there, but he failed.

It will be hell for whoever succeeds him.”

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