Gooch to return in a few weeks

Updated: March 7, 2012

Kerry forward Colm ‘Gooch’ Cooper has said he will be back in the Kingdom line-up within the next few weeks following a much needed break after Dr. Crokes were knocked out of the All-Ireland Club Football Championships last month.

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Former Dr. Crokes manager Harry O’Neill has concurred with Cooper’s decision to take a break from the game:  Mr O’Neill said: “It’s a good move for Colm and for Kerry. We’ve been on the go as a club for two years non stop.  You have to put the Kerry factor into that as well and Colm was also the captain of the Kerry team last year.

Also; he never had a chance to properly recover after losing the All-Ireland Final to Dublin which was a huge disappointment to him.  With regard to work as well; he is based in Dublin a bit now, which involves a lot of travelling, so he needed to recharge his batteries and take a few weeks break to get himself sorted mentally as well as physically.”

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