Hoddle says Harry will take England job

Updated: March 7, 2012

Former England player and manager (1996-2000) Glenn Hoddle has said that the Football Association will want to have Harry Redknapp in charge of the England in time for Euro 2012 instead of having to install a manager on an interim basis.

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Stuart Pearce, who took the reins in last week’s friendly against Holland, would be a logical short-term solution, while some have called for the temporary reappointment of a former England boss like Terry Venables or Hoddle. Hoddle does not believe that would be a wise move however: “Personally I think Harry will take the job and I think whoever takes the job should take it into the Euros. I think the FA will go for Harry, I believe that Harry will stay with Tottenham until the end of the season and then lead England into the Euros,” he said.

While Hoddle does not think the FA will contact him, he would however love to receive a call from another part of London; “Yeah I’d love to go back to Chelsea,” said the man who managed at Stamford Bridge from 1993 to ’96. “The only reason I left was because England came calling, but if I got the chance to go back to Chelsea, I’d jump at it. I am the last English manager at the club though and I think they will go foreign again.”

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