Holloway “fed up” of media

Updated: March 11, 2012

Blackpool lost 2-1 at London Road to move out of the Championship following a tepid defeat to Peterborough.

The real story of the game came at a post-match interview however as the ever entertaining Blackpool manager Ian Holloway claimed he was  ”fed up” with the media prying into his club’s affairs.  

Holloway’s outburst came in the aftermath of media claims that Blackpool Football Club had official club credit cards  ”refused”  at the Marriot Hotel in Peterborough where they stayed the night before the game.

Said Holloway at a press conference immediately after the match:  ”In our preparations, we knew which hotel we were going to.  We always use the Marriot.  There was a misunderstanding and the manager of the hotel has apologised for the misunderstanding and yet you people are still asking me what do I think about this.  

To be honest;  it’s none of your (the media’s) business.  It’s absolute nonsense.  What these paper articles have to do with anything, I don’t know.

What happened was that we didn’t play well enough today.  I didn’t do my job very well today and neither did my players.  We had a fantastic night’s sleep in a hotel where the manager has apologized for a mix-up.  With the greatest respect;  this is a media led world, but I’m sick and fed up with it….I was some sort of cameo figure for everybody to have a laugh at and  ’Oh, ain’t he different’ and all that nonsense.   I run a football club and I have a job to do.  End of.”

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