Muldoon quits Derry

Updated: March 15, 2012

Enda Muldoon has retired form inter-county football stating: “I will not be going back.”

The 34 year-old has been a star for Derry over the last 15 years but did not feature in last weekend’s defeat to Kildare at Newbridge.  He has since stated that he was quitting the county panel – which will make their odds of retaining Division One status considerably longer.

Muldoon appears to be fairly categorical in his stance insisting:  ”I always said that when I retired that would be that.  I’m not going to retire one week and come back the next.  There will be a void in my life but I will fill that void with something else.”

Muldoon has been a member of the Derry panel since 1997 and while he enjoyed success in Ulster, the All-Ireland eluded him.  The closest he came to winning an All-Ireland SFC medal was in 2001 when Derry lost to Galway in the semi-final.  Galway went on to win the All-Ireland that year and Muldoon feels that that was his big chance with Derry:  ”We were five points up with 15 minutes to play and I felt that was out big chance.  I didn’t get everything I hoped for out of my time at inter-county level but I made a lot of friends.”

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