Nicholls dismisses Kauto retirement talk

Updated: March 19, 2012

Paul Nicholls has dismissed any notions that Kauto Star will be retired in the near future after been pulled up in the early stages of the Cheltenham Gold Cup.

While many people feel that Kauto Star won’t race again Nicholls revealed in his Betfair column that no decision will be made until the summer at the earliest.

“We just ran out of time with him. But Kauto is 100 per cent and we will canter him away and rough him off for the summer and see where we stand when he comes back in.

“But any talk of retirement is very premature. Clive and I haven’t even discussed it and I dare say we won’t in any great detail until Kauto comes back in, in July. This season told everyone not to be so hasty in writing him off.”

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