Muamba first concern was for team

Updated: March 22, 2012

Fabrice Muamba’s first concern when he regained following his cardiac arrest was if Bolton had beaten Spurs in their abandoned game at White Hart Lane.

Muamba, 23, has been in intensive care since Saturday evening when he collasped in the middle of the field with a suspected heart attack.

In recent days Muamba has been able to communicate with family and friends and family friend Aime Esalo told The Sun newspaper that Fabrice had one thing on his mind.

“His dad Marcel asked if he knew who he was by asking about the match.

“Fabrice said ‘Yes’ and the next thing he asked was, ‘Did we lose?’

“He was told the match was called off while the two teams were drawing 1-1. Fabrice asked why they had stopped it and his father said, ‘Because of you’.”

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