Club stops paying wages after run of defeats

Updated: March 23, 2012

Relegation candidates Kaliakra from Bulgaria have decided to take a stance that will worry a lot of footballers

The club have stopped paying their players’ wages after a run of defeats.

Kaliakra president Ventsislav Vasilev was quoted as saying “The decision will be in force until further notice, players have to fight not only to win games but to earn their salaries from now on”

Kaliakra suffered their 14th league defeat of the season when they were thrashed 4-0 at home and not won a point in their five games this year.

The Coach Radostin Trifonov, said “I was thinking about resignation but now I’m an optimist, we played very well in the first half and I was glad to see that the players were eager to fight.”

Eight points from safety and players’ not getting paid wages, the future looks bleak for Kaliakra.

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