Johnson resubmits transfer request

Updated: April 2, 2012

Seanie Johnston has submitted another official transfer request to move from his club in Cavan to Kildare.

The 27-year-old Cavan forward is a teacher in Breffni College in Cavan town, but now lives in Straffan in Kildare.

Johnston was left out of Cavan’s pre-season squad back in November and has since tried to manufacture a move to the Lilywhites.

Johnston’s request to move from Cavan Gaels to St. Kevin’s in Kildare was rejected the Central Competitions Control Committee earlier in the year, however.

The CCCC said the request was denied “primarily on the basis that permanent residence at Straffan Gate had not been established to the satisfaction of the committee.”

The forward has now resent his transfer request to the CCCC and is confident of completing his move to St. Kevin’s.

On KFM radio station, Johnston said: “I believe I previously provided more information than most others do in seeking an intercounty transfer but it was considered to be not enough.

“So I’ve resubmitted it with all the information that Croke Park said was required and I’m very hopeful it will be approved soon.

“I can categorically say I’ve been living in Straffan for the past couple of months. I provided Croke Park with details of the rent agreement and utility bills but this wasn’t deemed sufficient.

“It’s obviously been quite frustrating for me but I do understand that the GAA wants to be certain that all is in order before granting me the transfer.

“They’re probably very nervous about a certain precedent being set.”

“It takes me about an hour and 15 minutes to get to work but I know people working in Dublin city centre with the same commute and it’s not considered an issue, even with other intercounty players.”

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