Central and East European Gaelic Football

Updated: April 10, 2012

Cumann Warzawa will host the first round of the Central and East European Gaelic Football on Saturday 14th April.

The games will be for both men and women and are expected to be played at a high standard.

At a time when Poland itself will be in the spotlight for sport due to Euro 2012, Gaelic Football will be coming to international attention with the help of our worthy foes of the Central and East European Region.  The board, committee, players, supporters and the wider Irish community have worked hard to aid in promoting the club and the sport in Poland.

The tournament itself is bringing a lot of attention, both at home in Ireland and in Poland and it is hoped that gaelic football will become more popular in central and eastern Europe.

April 14th will see four men’s and four women’s teams battle it out on the pitch at Warsaw Sports Academy (Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego) for the glory of the Warsaw Cup. The teams attending are:
- Prague Hibernians
- Vienna Gaels
- Slovak Shamrocks
- Munich Colmcilles
- And Warsaw’s own-CUMANN WARSZAW

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