Senior and Minor football live score commentary updates

Updated: August 26, 2012

Live score commentary updates from the minor football semi-final between Meath and Mayo and senior All-Ireland semi final between Cork and Donegal


All-Ireland SFC semi-final
Cork 1-11 0-16 Donegal, Croke Park FT

All-Ireland MFC semi-final
Mayo 1-11 2-10 Meath, Croke Park FT

Live commentary
5:05pm Donegal win by two points, they will play either Dublin or Mayo in the final.
5:03pm Colm O’Neill gets a GOAL for Cork, one minute left to play.
5:02pm Three minutes injury time to play.
4:58pm Donegal now lead by five with two minutes to play. McElhinney with the point.
4:55pm Colm O’Neill hits his third point of the day, the rebels trail by four with five min to play.
4:53pm It looks like Cork are going to need to score a goal to win this match.
4:50pm Super point from Colm McFadden from a 45′. Donegal lead by five.
4:49pm Paul Kerrigan hits a lovely point for Cork.
4:48pm Cork look to be very tired and its all Donegal. Nicholas Murphy is in at full forward for Cork.
4:46pm Fantastic free from the ground into hill 16 by Michael Murphy
4:43pm Donegal looked to have scored a point but it waved wide.
4:42pm Michael Murphy is fouled and Colm McFadden kicks Donegal four ahead.
4:42pm Poor wide by Pierce O’Neill for Cork.
4:40pm Ciaran Sheehan gets a much needed score for Cork, Dennis O’Sullivan is on for the rebels.
4:39pm Cork hit the post, they should of scored a goal. Colm O’Neill with the unlucky shot.
4:38pm Donegal have a goal chance but Anthony Thompson hits over the point.
4:36pm Aidan Walsh gets Cork’s firsts score of the second half.
4:36pm Donegal go four ahead, this time its Karl Lacey.
4:35pm Coming up to nearly twenty minutes since Cork scored.
4:33pm Donegal move three points ahead. McGlynn with the score.
4;32pm Superb point from Colm McFadden to give Donegal a two point lead.
4:31pm Paul Kerrigan hits the eight wide of the day for the rebels.
4:30pm Colm McFadden gets a yellow card for a silly tackle
4:30pm Shocking wide by Graham Canty for Cork.
4:28pm Second half is underway
4:25pm 55,169 at Croke Park for the All-Ireland semi-final
4:22pm Just about to come out for the second half, lets hope its a little more open as some of the players tire.
4:13pm “Everything you demand of a sporting contest” says Pat Spillane
4:07pm Its half time and Donegal lead by one point at the break.
Wides Cork 6 Donegal 5 Free kicks Cork 6 Donegal 10
4:05pm Mark McHugh hits a nice point from play as we go into injury time in the first half
4:03pm Cork have now had 100 hand passes, which is really ruining the match.
4:00pm David Walsh levels up the match for Donegal.
3:59pm Cork take the lead, then Aidan Walsh hits a poor wide.
3:58pm Kary Lacy runs sixty yards and kicks a great point for Donegal.
3:57pm Colm O’Neill kicks his second point in the space of a minute.
3:57pm Colm O’Neill hits a nice point to level it up.
3:55pm The point of the day so far is scored by Rory Kavanagh.
3:54pm Ciaran Sheehan hits the fourth wide of the match from Cork.
3:53pm Cork and Donegal both hit wides, Michael Murphy looks to be slightly injured.
3:51pm Ciaran Sheehan fists the ball over the bar, we are back level.
3:50pm Michael Murphy kicks Donegal into the lead with another free.
3:49pm Cork have 60% of possession after seventeen minutes.
3:47pm Cork have already made 54 hand passes in the first fifteen minutes.
3:43pm Daniel Goulding kicks over a free, we are level at three points each.
3:42pm Colm McFadden gets Donegal’s first score from play.
3:41pm As expected both defenses are well on top
3:39pm Colm Mcfadden levels it up from a free.
3:38pm Another great score from play from Cork, this time its Patrick Kelly.
3:36pm Really nice point by Paul Kerrigan for Cork, its all level after six minutes.
3:35pm Fintan Gould kicks Corks first wide.
3:34pm Poor wide by Rory Kavanagh, he really should of passed the ball.
3:33pm Michael Murphy opens the scoring for Donegal.
3:32pm Two poor attacks by Cork are intercepted by the Donegal defense.
3:30pm We have thrown in between Donegal and Cork.
3:27pm Republic of Ireland footballer James McClean ‏@JMcC_23 has just tweeted
Even tho am from derry, come on the neighbours donegal the day!
3:25pm Five minutes to throw in between Cork and Donegal.
3:00pm Team news for Cork v Donegal
Cork look set to make changes, this was the team that was
1. Alan Quirke (Valley Rovers); 7. Noel O’Leary (Cill na Martra), 3. Michael Shields (St Finbars), 4. Eoin Cadogan (Douglas); 5. Paudie Kissane (Clyda Rovers), 6. Graham Canty (Bantry Blues), 10. Fintan Goold (Macroom); 8. Alan O’Connor (St. Colum’s), 9. Aidan Walsh (Kanturk); 21. Ciaran Sheehan (Éire Óg), 11. Patrick Kelly (Ballincollig), 12. Paul Kerrigan (Nemo Rangers); 13. Colm O Neill (Ballyclough), 14. Donncha O’Connor (Ballydesmond), 19. Daniel Goulding (Éire Óg).

Donegal team
Paul Durcan ; Paddy McGrath, Neil McGee , Frank McGlynn, Eamonn McGee, Karl Lacey , Anthony Thompson , Neil Gallagher, Rory Kavanagh, Ryan Bradley, Leo McLoone , Mark McHugh, Patrick McBrearty, Michael Murphy, Colm McFadden .

2:50pm Looking at replays its was not a penalty, Mayo will have to feel robbed.
2:47pm Meath are deserved winners, Mayo got a late point by Coen but they lose by two.
2:45pm One minute of injury time to play.
2:44pm Fiachra Ward gets a goal for Meath after some shocking defending by Mayo.
2:43pm Stephen Coen hits a wide for Mayo, amazingly they have now not scored for twenty five min.
2:41pm Shocking wide by James Daly, that could of given Meath the lead
2:40pm Fiachra Ward scores the penalty and we are all level.
2:40pm Foot block by a Mayo defender and its a penalty for Meath.
2:37pm Cillian O’Sullivan gets Meath back to a goal behind, Mayo have not scored for twenty minutes.
2:35pm Shocking wide by James McEntee for Meath. Its the ninth wide of the day for the Royals.
2:33pm The next score in the game will be vital with ten minutes to play.
2:31pm This time Fiachra Ward misses a free for Meath. Then Cillian O’Sullivan hits his third wide.
2:29pm Coen gets a yellow card for Mayo, Ward hits over the free. Its back to a four point game.
2:26pm Mayo hit two poor wides, if Meath can get a goal they have every chance of winning.
2:24pm Fiachra Ward hits over an easy free, they no trail by five.
2:23pm Its a fifth goal chance for Meath and they once again fail to convert.
2:22pm Meath hit another wide, they are just not converting all the possession into scores.
2:18pm Some very poor basic play by Meath and Mayo go up and extend their lead to seven.
2:16pm Its a second point in a minute for Adam Gallagher, Mayo lead by six points.
2:16pm Adam Gallagher hits the opening score from a free for Mayo.
2:15pm The second half has thrown in, one might fancy Meath to make a comeback.
2:01pm Its half time and Mayo lead Meath by four points.
2:00pm Just as we approach half time Cillian O’Sullivan hits a nice score for Meath.
1:59pm Its back to double scores, Mayo lead by five after they converted an easy free.
1:56pm Three points in a row for Meath, this time its James McEntee who is on target.
1:56pm Pauric Harnan hits a nice point from play for Meath.
1:55pm Amazingly Meath get another goal chance and fail to convert.
1:54pm Jason Daly hits the third point of the afternoon for Meath.
1:53pm Really nice point from Eoin Lavin from a free for Mayo.
1:51pm Its a fourth goal chance that goes amiss for Meath but they do get a point this time.
1:50pm Patrick Durkan extends the Mayo lead to seven.
1:50pm Diarmuid O’Connor gets GOAL for Mayo, they now lead Meath by six points.
1:48pm Shocking wide by Cillian O’Sullivan for Meath.
1:48pm Fiachra Ward opens the scoring for Meath after eighteen minutes.
1:47pm Very poor game so far, both teams look well behind Dublin’s minor team.
1:44pm James Quinn hits another score for Mayo.
1:41pm Stephen Coen kicks mayo into a three point lead.
1:39pm Meath blow a third goal chance in the first ten minutes, Conor O’Malley makes a great save.
1:37pm Fantastic point from Sean Regan from forty yards out.
1:37pm Meath hit another wide.
1:34pm Cillian O’Sullivan looked to be in for a goal but it hits the crossbar and is cleared by the Mayo defense.
1:32pm Sean Regan is fouled and Eoin Lavin opens the scoring for Mayo from the resulting free.
1:30pm We have thrown in and James McEntee has a great goal chance for Meath but it goes wide.
1:24pm We are five minutes away from throw in the minor football match
1:22pm Team news from the minor match between Meath and Mayo
Robert Burlington, Declan Smyth, Brian Power, Shane Gallagher, Conor Carton, Shane McEntee, Seamus Lavin, Pauric Harnan. Adam Flannagan, Cillian O Sullivan, Jason Daly, James McEntee, Barry Dardis, Stephen Coogan, Fiachra Ward
Conor O Malley, Joe Geraghty, Sean Moran, Michael Plunkett, Patrick Durcan, Cian Burke, Kevin Lynch, Brian Mullen, Adam Gallagher, Eoin Lavin, Stephen Coen, Diarmuid O Connor, James Quinn, Sean Regan, Shane Hennelly.

11:46pm Its a huge day for Cork and Donegal supporters.

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