Canning: ‘unsporting’ Shefflin and Cats influence refs

Updated: September 13, 2012

Galway hero Joe Canning has added further fuel to the All-Ireland urling final replay on September 30th by claiming Henry Shefflin was ‘not sportsmanlike’ during Sunday’s draw.

Speaking to the Irish Times the Portumna man said, “In one instance in the first half, Henry ran 30 or 40 yards down the field and was giving out to Barry Kelly and Damien Hayes for a free.

“That’s not sportsmanlike either at the same stage. That’s the way it goes – that’s probably the experience they have. Hopefully we can get that and use it to our advantage as well. You need everything you can get during those games.”

Canning also alluded to Cats’ boss Brian Cody’s anger over the referee’s awarding of a last second free which he sent over to force the replay.

“You get them things during a match. I thought, on the field, sometimes they influenced frees and stuff like that. So they got very easy frees during the game as well. We’re happy enough, if it was an easy free, to take it.”


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