Carew insists its no holiday

Updated: April 4, 2012

Kildare selector Niall Carew has insisted that the county’s footballers will be worked hard at next week’s training camp in Portugal.

County Boards up and down the land have refused warm weather training in recent years. Carew has stated however that the players have raised the money themselves and that the week will be anything but a holiday.

“Every last cent of money for this trip has been raised by the players. The players forfeited a holiday at the end of last season, which was a tough season for them. It’s at no cost to anyone other than themselves. They are the ones who raised the money for the trip,” Carew maintained.

“People forget that the lads are going out there to work out hard, there will be no alcohol consumed. Everyone, who is going has to take time off work at their own expense, there are a lot of lads with families as well so it is a massive commitment.”

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