Duignan: Shefflin won’t be happy with Canning

Updated: September 13, 2012

RTE’s GAA pundit Michael Duignan says that Joe Canning’s comments about Henry Shefflin acting ‘unsportsmanlike’ in the All Ireland final will not go over well in Kilkenny and expects that Galway will issue a statement on the matter.

Speaking on RTE Radio 1, The Sunday Game pundit said, “I don’t think they’ll be too happy, I don’t think Henry Shefflin personally will be happy.

“It is a bit of a misjudgement by Joe Canning, I don’t think he meant that Henry Shefflin is unsporting or an unsportsmanlike player. Just on that particular occasion he thought it was unsporting that he would argue with the ref, but it’s a big statement to make about a player like Henry Shefflin who has won so much in the game, and who has never been sent off.”

Canning made the claim that Shefflin acted unsportsmanlike by chasing the referee to complain about a free not being awarded during the draw in Croke Park last Sunday.

“You might say something like that privately or top your teammates.

“Joe Canning has been around for a long time, he’s used to the media spotlight and I’m very surprised he’d come out with a statement like that with a replay coming up.

“It adds to the pressure to the next day it puts more pressure on Joe Canning and I’d be surprised if we don’t see a statement from Galway coming out to diffuse it, because I don’t think it was meant in any sort of reckless regard.”

You can listen to the full interview on RTE’s website, here

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