Facebook to “televise” FA Cup

Updated: August 17, 2011

The FA Cup tie between non-league sides Ascot United and Wembley FC this Friday night will be streamed live to a potential audience of 700 million people.

Social networking site Facebook are ‘televising‘ the match, which will be the first time any sporting event has been broadcast “live” on the site.

A 90-minute stream will be provided by Budweiser, the competition‘s new sponsors.

“As a long-standing supporter of football globally, Budweiser is committed to brining the world‘s most prestigious knockout competition closer to the fans,” said marketing director Ian Newell.

“What better way to demonstrate this than by broadcasting the very first kick to a global audience via Facebook.

“This is the first time a FA Cup tournament fixture has been broadcast live on the social network, which is great news for football fans and clubs alike.”

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