Ger Loughnane continues his battle with illness

Updated: July 29, 2011

Former Clare hurling boss Ger Loughnane continues to fight his illness despite internet reports claiming that he had died on Wednesday.

Clare County Board PRO Syl O’Connor last night confirmed the rumours were unfounded, despite Twitter and various forums abuzz with the news of the legend’s passing since 11pm on Wednesday night.

“There was a lot of confusion about the place,” said O’Connor.

“I received the first phone call about Ger at 10pm on Wednesday night. After that I was inundated with calls until nearly two in the morning. But by about 8am yesterday morning, I had made a call and was happy to state that they were totally untrue. It was very strange how this malicious rumour started but thankfully there is no truth to it.

“Everybody I spoke to yesterday about it was genuinely delighted that that was the case and there was no truth. People were very happy to find out that there was no bad news.”

“He is responding well to the treatment and they are hoping to let him out for a few days next week, all going well.

“The one thing I would wish now is that people would let him and the family get on with it. I said it when news of his illness first emerged and I’ll say it again, people should not make this story anything that it isn’t. We don’t want anybody to preempt anything, just let whatever is to happen, happen. We all wish him well.”

Matt Purcell, a Loughnane family spokesman, said on Clare FM yesterday:

“I was just talking to Ger’s family and thankfully he is still very much with us. He is as bright as a button and extremely well. He couldn’t be in better form and is responding 100% to treatment.

“The family were inundated with messages and calls yesterday and it was gone to a ridiculous point. How could someone start something stupid like that on the internet? Thankfully we can set the record straight. Everything is going well and according to plan with his treatment. That’s about all there is to it.”

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