How do the GAA spend entrance fees?

Updated: January 20, 2012

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GAA fans understandably question how is their hard earned money spent – how is it distributed – who benefits? – club or county?

The Munster Council is one of the best for providing fans with more detailed information than the other provinces so worth taking a look at how the money is spent, according to Munster GAA. Here are some interesting ‘facts and figures’ from the Southern province:

Munster GAA Contribution to Clubs and Counties Physical Development Projects

• Over the five years 2007-2011 Munster GAA has invested €7,275,050 in clubs and Counties across the province. This money has in the main been generated from Gate Receipts and illustrates Munster GAA’s commitment to reinvesting the revenue generated from the Munster Championships back into the Clubs and Counties of Munster.
• In 2011 Munster GAA distributed €975,000 through Club and County Physical Development Projects. Clubs applying in 2011 received a minimum of 10.98% of their total spend in grant assistance.

Munster GAA – Supporting Families and Patrons

During 2011 Munster GAA endeavoured to provide value for money to patrons at all times, while still maintaining its commitment to supporting Clubs and Counties financially as outlined above.
• U-16’s are free in to all non-ticket matches.
• During the 2011 Championship Season over 30,000 children and families availed of this scheme, this saved families across the province almost €500,000.
• During the 2011 Championship Season Munster GAA introduced a club ticket discount scheme. During the course of the championship over 10,000 club members availed of this scheme and generated in excess of €100,000 in savings for club members.
• In addition over 10,000 students and OAP’s received discounted access to ticketed Munster Championship games providing them with savings in excess of €100,000. These groups also receive discounted access to all non-ticketed games.

Munster GAA – Supporting Players in 2011

• Munster GAA administers a student bursary scheme across all third level Colleges in Munster which is worth €72,000 to students.
• In 2011 Munster GAA contributed €277,000 towards player welfare and other player support schemes.

GAA Contribution to the Economy in the Province of Munster

• €39,000,000 is the total expenditure by Munster clubs and counties on Physical Development projects in the period 2009-2011.
• €6,300,000 is the value of the Munster GAA senior championships to the local economies of the match venues.
• This money has been pumped into the construction industry in Munster at a time of deep economic difficulties for the industry and is helping to keep businesses afloat and keep people employed across the province.

Munster GAA Contribution to Counties 2011

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