IRFU announce Ravenhill coaching seminar

Updated: March 7, 2012
The IRFU and Ulster Rugby have announced that their second annual fitness seminar will be held in Ravenhill on the 26th March 2012.  This seminar will be aimed at rugby coaches working at all levels but is open to coaches from all sports.

The seminar will be held in the new stand at Ravenhill home of Ulster rugby. Last year’s seminar was attended by over 70 coaches.The topics that will be covered are as follows -
Topic 1 – How to Assess and Develop Movement Skills in our Players.
Presenter - Des Ryan, IRFU Fitness Education Manager

Topic 2 – Recovery Strategies
Presenter - Matthew Maguire, Ulster Rugby N.T.P. Fitness Coach

Topic 3 – Planning & Monitoring of Elite Rugby Players
Presenter - David Drake, Ulster Rugby Academy Fitness Coach

The seminar will be both theory and practical based. The seminar will be of great use to coaches who would like to know what is the most appropriate and practical method to develop their players.

Also, the seminar is ideal for coaches who would like to introduce something new and challenging to their training. The seminar is open to any coaches especially from Ulster and the sounding area.

The Details for the workshop are as follows -

Date – 26th March 2012

Time – 7.00pm Registration (Tea & Coffee provided)

Seminar starts at 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Venue – Ravenhill Rugby Grounds

Emain Niamh Nash;   for more info and to register.

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