Irish AFL star happy to stay with Collingwood

Updated: October 9, 2012
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The former All Star, Martin Clarke, has poured cold water on speculation linking him with a return to the Down jersey insisting that he has no idea where the rumours have come from.

Clarke told The Irish Daily Star on Wednesday night that he intends to honour his three year contract with Collingwood in the AFL. The An Riocht clubman started brightly for Collingwood, playing the first 13 games of the season but was in an out of the side after that.

“There might have been talk of that because I didn’t play towards the end of the year,” Clarke commented. ”But it certainly hasn’t crossed my mind about coming back and I’ve three years on my contract, first one up.”

“I’ve two years on this contract and I’ll certainly be seeing them out. Depending on how things go I’ll be hoping to keep going. I’ll see where I am at the end of 2014. You always miss home but now I know I’m back over here and I could make a career out of it over here.”

The 25 year old was joined in Australia by his girlfriend Anna in June, who has a full-time job as a doctor in Melbourne. He intends to commence a PE teaching degree next March and has moved into a house which is located 15 minutes outside the city.

“I really want to make it work and get myself set up and if I’m having a tough day I just have to think about that, and it’s great that Anna’s here to support me and I’m supporting her too. I’ve committed to these three years and if I get homesick, I certainly still do, you just have to deal with it. It’s part of it, one of the sacrifices, for this opportunity.”

“For Anna, it’s a big step up from being a first year doctor at home to a second year, and she says it’s a different system here. So, it’s pretty challenging, but we have our own house and it’s all going well for her which is a big help.”

Despite a disappointing second half of the season, Clarke has shown that he is committed to his Australian adventure with a return to Down unlikely.

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