Irish Davis Cup news

Updated: February 5, 2011

Ireland face Luxembourg in Dublin next month in the first round of the 2011 Davis Cup competition.

The Irish games are moving from their traditional home at Fitzwilliam to the David Lloyd Centre at Riverview. The games had been played at Fitzwilliam for the last eight years.

Tennis Ireland and the Riverview club are installing four new courts of slow paced acrylic for the competition. This is the same surface that is in the National Training Centre and one the Irish players are used to playing on.

This match has also been moved because there is a possibility that Ireland will meet Britain in the second round of the competition. If both Britain and Ireland lose their opening games, they could face each other in the second round or if they both win they are then due to meet each other in Dublin. A loss sees them enter the relegation section, will a win sees them compete for promotion.

Fitzwilliam only holds between 1,000-1,200 spectators while Riverview can cater for around 2,000. With the possibility of Britain arriving with the world number five Andy Murray in the team would generate significantly higher interest. Although it has yet to be clarified if Murray is taking part in this year’s competition it has also not been ruled out by the player himself.

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