Kean and Venky’s in it for the long haul

Updated: May 10, 2012

Blackburn’s Steve Kean insists both he and the clubs owners Venky’s are planning on staying around for the long term.
It is news many Rovers’ fans do not want to hear, having protested against both Kean and Venky’s ownership for the most part of a dismal campaign which has resulted in the loss of their Premier League status.

Indian company V H Group bought Blackburn under the name of Venky’s London Limited back in November 2010 in a takeover deal worth £23 million. They have proved hugely disliked owners. Mass demonstrations by the Rover’s faithful have been a constant feature of their reign. Their first action was to sack then manager Sam Allardyce and replace him present manager Steve Kean, who himself has be subjected to volatile abuse from Blackburn supporters throughout the season

“It is very simple. The owners are here for the long term, I am here for the long term. We are now taking one step backwards to push forward. I am confident we can get there. We have the basis of a good young side, we just have to add more experience. I said a number of weeks ago, it is a changing time for the club.” said Kean

When the Blackburn boss was questioned on whether Venky’s are the right for the club he responded saying “100%.”

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